Graphics - Creating graphics related to your brands ethos including infographics, social media tiles, edms, print advertising etc.  
Branding - building a strong focussed brand presence across all channels digital and print.  
Photo & video content - across a multitude of social media platforms Copywriting 
Research & Insight - Analyse and report on social media performance and ensure effective campaign optimisation occurs
Social Content Creation - Organic content creation that can be used for paid advertising.  
Research & Insight - Analytic and data research and insights with reporting
Social Media Management - Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, EDM's
Paid Social Advertising and analytics - Google Adwords, Facebook, tiktok and pinterest paid marketing
Website management - Shopify, Woocommerce, squarespace 

Strategic communications - Development of strategic communication plan
Media relations - Reaching out to media outlets, influencers etc
Internal communications - Newsletter and Edm creation inhouse
Online and social media communications - Copywriting and communicating brand awareness through social platforms

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